CMC Blog & Social Media Proposal



The overall strategy is a simple one: drive traffic to CMC blog posts via social media and search. Audiences will be selectively targeted via Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.



I see Batchbook as my main jumping off point for the campaign. I'll be able to mine the information for potential blog authors, board members, staff members and constituents. I'll also be able to set up a basic sales pipeline for these blog posts, which will allow for real-time reporting of progress to Ruth.

Batchbook integrates well with Hootsuite and Mailchimp, and is a tremendous tool in general.


Hootsuite is a social media management platform that would allow the CMC to manage all of its contacts and social properties from one central location. For instance, a link to a blog can be posted to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ simultaneously. Also, when there are comments, shares or re-tweets related to the posts on any social media platform, they can be addressed through Hootsuite from a centralized console.

More highlights include:

  1. Direct integration with Batchbook, allowing for a more holistic approach to managing constituents.
  2. Influencers can be pulled from Batchbook, and reached out to via Hootsuite.
  3. Social media properties are secured. Staff can manage properties without needing passwords or account ownership.
  4. Hootsuite is free up to five social properties.

Google: SEO, Adwords and Google+

There is plenty of low-lying fruit that we can harvest here. There is basic Search Engine Optimization housekeeping that we can do to boost traffic such as testing for site speed, mobile optimization, and creating a Google business listing. Also, Google AdWords can be tweaked to drive traffic from specific keywords (using our Google Ad Grant). One option to strongly consider is to set up a Google+ account (this helps with SEO). Here are some tactics to consider:

  1. Claim our business listing on Google (SEO).
  2. Claim a Google+ listing and drive visitors to it.
  3. Set up ads via AdWords to drive to blog posts based on specific search terms (like carbon capture and storage).
  4. Do some basic tech testing and fixes - such as evaluating site speed and mobile optimization.


Twitter recently allowed it's Canadian followers to create ads on its platform, and I think there is some serious value here. Ads can be created to grow the CMC's following, or drive clicks to its website (I recommend the former). Followers can be acquired at a pre-determined per-follower cost, which the CMC determines. The more the CMC is willing to pay, the more likely Twitter will be to serve up your ad. Regardless, very few Canadian brands have discovered this option yet, meaning the ads are relatively cost effective at this point. I think we would do well to be one of the first in.


The blogs should be posted to LinkedIn in the following ways:

  1. Personal pages
  2. Company pages
  3. Groups related to industry

Staff and other constituents should be encouraged to share and re-post the blog posts within their network. This outreach can be managed through Batchbook.


It would be a shame to not use any and all email lists the CMC has access to (including all-staff). I highly recommend MailChimp as an option, but obviously we can work with whatever existing solution there is. The main considerations should be on delivering quality information, on a sensible frequency, and in full compliance with CASL.

Here's what I think we should do in this area, assuming it's more-or-less a blank slate at this point:

  1. Create a MailChimp account and import our addresses. Batchbook integrates with Mailchimp so we can create our lists and segments this way.
  2. Create distinct emails to staff, board members, constituents, and everyone else. Messages should be tailored to each audience - some emails would ask for authors, others would be promoting blog posts.
  3. Talk with Jeff Reading, and see if we can gain access to C3's old email list.

New Fans

Primary Tactics

  1. Drive followers to Google+ and Twitter via paid ads and Google AdWords respectively. I don't recommend paying to grow our audience on LinkedIn (expensive), we should aim for viral growth.
  2. In between blog posts, we can populate the channels with photos and other status updates. It's great that Richard is so active on Twitter.
  3. Serve up great content via the blog on regular intervals and aim to engage followers.

Dream Goals

Here's what I'd like to achieve for the CMC by the end of 2015:

  1. Growth of Twitter to 3,000 quality followers.
  2. Growth of Google+ to 1,000 followers.
  3. Average 200-300 unique views on the blog daily.