Google Ad Grants Application - Pay What You Can

Google Ad Grants Application - Pay What You Can


Did you know that Google offers a program called Google Ad Grants which offers $10,000 a month in in-kind advertising to eligible non-profits? I've successfully applied for this grant multiple times, and want to help other non-profits. For that reason, I'm offering this on a "pay what you can" basis! Whether it's $0 or $500... I'd like to help.

What's better, is that I'll even help you get your advertising campaign set up. You won't have to worry about a thing!

For more details on Google's Ad Grant program, click here. If you want me to help you apply for the Grant, simply add this item to your cart and checkout!

If you'd rather do things the old fashioned way, email me via the white and black contact form directly to your right.