I Can Launch Your Shopify Store for $250

I Can Launch Your Shopify Store for $250


Do you have an awesome idea for an e-commerce business?

When I was in University I worked at Wal-Mart pushing carts (yes it was as terrible as it sounds). Sam Walton, Wal-Mart's founder said: "I'll take slow nickels over fast dollars."

I only charge $250 Canadian to help people set up their sites because I'm in to long-term business relationships. I'd rather help you build a successful store and make slow nickels with you over many, many years.

Also, if you think I suck, I'll give you a full refund... no questions asked.

I'm a certified Shopify Partner and I love working with young entrepreneurs who have a product or service they are passionate about. I have launched two six-figure annual income generating Shopify stores - one for a company I worked for, and one for myself.

I can be your guide and help you get there too.