Coming This Spring: Gawking at the Graham's

Jeff Graham

I have amazing news. My family will be part of a three episode reality TV pilot! A friend of ours pitched the idea to a Vancouver based production company, and the working title is: "Gawking at the Graham's."

One of the most innovative aspects of the show will be that everyone in our young family will wear helmets, with front-mounted GoPro cameras, to get a first-hand view of the action. Naps, food-fights, and Marathon enactments of Thomas the Tank Engine will be recorded in full HD.

Danny Tanner... eat your heart out.

Best of all? You can watch me doing the bird-feeder while blurting nonsensical phrases during important meetings due to extreme sleep deprivation.

"All work and no play make Jeff a... Yodalayheehoo... was I drooling?"

My wife, Melissa, and I are celebrating our sixth anniversary on May 16, and over that time we have moved eight times and have had three kids.

Did I mention we are moving again and now expecting a fourth? Did I also mention we bought a puppy? And that our oldest just turned five? What were we thinking!

This reality show is going to have more twists than Lost!

In fact, "Lost with Four Babies and a Dog" was the original title of the show, but we decided that Gawking at the Graham's really summed up our lives.

The titles of the first three episodes are:

  1. "Rust-bucket Mini-Van"
  2. "There are no Light-Sabers at the Dinner Table"
  3. "Boy, you really are Gluttons for Punishment"

In the coming weeks, I'll post status updates about our exciting new project. In the meantime, enjoy April 1.