I'll Take Watching Chris Sutter Over The Super Bowl Any Day

Jeff Graham

It has been an incredibly depressing stretch in professional sports over the past 12 months. Here’s just some of what hit the news for sports fans:

  1. The Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal and graphic YouTube video.
  2. Adrian Peterson’s child abuse charges.
  3. Donald Sterling’s racist remarks.
  4. Slava Voynov’s domestic abuse charges.
  5. The New England Patriot’s illegally deflated game balls.
  6. The steady stream of cases of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in the NFL, NHL and other contact sports.

All I can say is... UGH.

Normally I look forward to watching the Super Bowl, but with everything that’s happened lately, it was difficult to think about flicking on the TV this Sunday. For the first time, I felt conflicted about the goodness of sports.

Then, I saw this YouTube video of Chris Sutter, and it made me remember how edifying sports can be.

Chris, who has Down Syndrome, was the undisputed star of the NHL All-Star Game. If you haven't seen it, take a moment:

I have two little boys, and I can only imagine how happy I would be if Chris were my son and I saw this video. You see a young, confident man, fully supported by these larger-than-life athletes, bringing a lot of joy to what tends to be a pretty drab NHL All-Star game... I mean, look at the smiles on the players?

This video gives me a lot of hope, and for that reason I'll take watching Chris Sutter over the Super Bowl any day.